How many times have you said “Thank you” this past week?

If you’re like me, probably not as many times as you or I should have, but I’m going to put that right a little bit today, the chances that the person (& people) I want to thank will even see this though are tremendously slim I still want to say it!

A little background to this can be found here, but last week I took delivery of, installed & set up Starlink!

A year ago, the thought of Starlink was almost unthinkable, the availability & then the cost made it unviable, so what changed?

Availability & cost did… The need also, the lack of investment – no not the lack of investment as the NBI (National Broadband Ireland) is doing a great job, picking up the pieces where the commercial companies don’t care – in rural Ireland. So thank you too NBI, for your efforts.

When the likes of Three, Vodafone, Eir & others don’t care enough to cater to the whole of Ireland but care where they can make lots of cash, even putting in a clause in the contract where they can put up the price every year beyond the cost of inflation, that shows where their care is!

Step forward Elon Musk – Yes, he is a ‘Marmite’ kind of guy… but love or hate him, he has transformed the world and will continue to do so. He and his companies Starlink & Space X have changed my world, for the better by not only providing super-fast broadband where others couldn’t but instead of cranking up the price like those above, bringing it down to be a lot more affordable.

What makes Starlink different too satellite broadband?

Satellite broadband uses satellites to link you to the internet rather than a cable wheras standard broadband uses your phone, fibre, or cable connection to link you to the internet.

Satellite broadband uses a small satellite dish to broadcast your internet traffic into space to a satellite. From there it’s transmitted to a ground station and then onto the internet.

Starlink is a private company owned by Tesla, X, & Space X, owner Elon Musk. It uses low-orbit satellites all around the earth to provide internet access.

The system is called a ‘constellation’ and will eventually be a web of thousands of satellites providing fast, low-latency broadband access to anywhere on the planet.

What Speeds?

So here are a few screenshots from Eir our last provider before Starlink…

And Now With Starlink…

This is just one done as I write this, but speeds have been ranging from 80Mbs – 300Mbs (with 130-150Mbs being the average)

Am I happy? Absolutely! I encourage you if you’re struggling with broadband in rural Ireland (or anywhere in the world) for check out and if you need any help or assistance/advice drop me an email

So Thank you Elon, and your teams…