So where do we start? We all have an opinion on Road Safety, but I don’t think any opinion is the same as the government. I also think the RSA (Road Safety Authority) is not fit for purpose – and does not represent value for tax payers bucks… but that’s for another day!

It doesn’t matter if there are 3 points or 4,5, or 6 points added to a licence for speeding – those who want to speed, will speed and take the risk. Adding more points just isn’t enough.

As a walker, I get a lot closer to folks doing 100km/h than a lot I would like – the worst thing, should the worse happen is I will see it coming! I often say that there are 2 types of driver… The one I prefer is the one who thinks I have the plague, and passes by 30-50meters in advance clearly indicating and on the opposite side of the road, the other is the type of driver who wants to see the colour of my eyes!

I wear a high-vis vest and walk into on-coming traffic as required. But I have felt very unsafe walking with some traffic passing so close I could tell what they ate for breakfast.

There have been way too many injuries and a record number of deaths on Irish roads in 2024 – but all it needs is some joined-up thinking, not knee-jerk, impulsive actions! The RSA and the Transport Minister (Eamon Ryan) need to earn their salaries, so I’ll give them a few ideas…

Instead of fines and points – Limit the power (hp) new drivers can access for the first 3 years and only allow incremented increases over the next 3 years.

Within 5 years

  • Ensure vehicle manufacturers implement black boxes for all new cars, vans, lorries, etc.
  • All new vehicles should be able to read road signs and ‘take control’ of the vehicle such as limit speed, limit speeds where roads are unfit for the speed the vehicle is travelling
  • Limit the horsepower to new/younger drivers with a scale to increase over 5 years as their experience improves
  • The government/RSA need to urgently review all speed limits on ALL roads as a priority
  • The local councils/RSA need to ensure that all roads are safe and fit for purpose
  • Cyclists need to be registered – lights, helmet and high-vis
  • Walkers need to wear high-vis – carry ID

But these measures need to be done in conjunction with a proper policing policy, which would mean a root and branch review of recruitment and wages etc.