Ballina Salmon Festival 2024 – Photos

Ballina Salmon Festival 2024 – Photos

As always the committee out-did themselves with this years display.

Only thing I’d have done different, would be to switch the dancing to before the music as the band really were getting the crowd hyped – then the attention was lost a little, until the boom of the first few fireworks…

The band Cronin were very good and the sound was not bad at all…

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The display lasted a good 15 minutes, well done for a great event.

Road Safety

Road Safety

So where do we start? We all have an opinion on Road Safety, but I don’t think any opinion is the same as the government. I also think the RSA (Road Safety Authority) is not fit for purpose – and does not represent value for tax payers bucks… but that’s for another day!

It doesn’t matter if there are 3 points or 4,5, or 6 points added to a licence for speeding – those who want to speed, will speed and take the risk. Adding more points just isn’t enough.

As a walker, I get a lot closer to folks doing 100km/h than a lot I would like – the worst thing, should the worse happen is I will see it coming! I often say that there are 2 types of driver… The one I prefer is the one who thinks I have the plague, and passes by 30-50meters in advance clearly indicating and on the opposite side of the road, the other is the type of driver who wants to see the colour of my eyes!

I wear a high-vis vest and walk into on-coming traffic as required. But I have felt very unsafe walking with some traffic passing so close I could tell what they ate for breakfast.

There have been way too many injuries and a record number of deaths on Irish roads in 2024 – but all it needs is some joined-up thinking, not knee-jerk, impulsive actions! The RSA and the Transport Minister (Eamon Ryan) need to earn their salaries, so I’ll give them a few ideas…

Instead of fines and points – Limit the power (hp) new drivers can access for the first 3 years and only allow incremented increases over the next 3 years.

Within 5 years

  • Ensure vehicle manufacturers implement black boxes for all new cars, vans, lorries, etc.
  • All new vehicles should be able to read road signs and ‘take control’ of the vehicle such as limit speed, limit speeds where roads are unfit for the speed the vehicle is travelling
  • Limit the horsepower to new/younger drivers with a scale to increase over 5 years as their experience improves
  • The government/RSA need to urgently review all speed limits on ALL roads as a priority
  • The local councils/RSA need to ensure that all roads are safe and fit for purpose
  • Cyclists need to be registered – lights, helmet and high-vis
  • Walkers need to wear high-vis – carry ID

But these measures need to be done in conjunction with a proper policing policy, which would mean a root and branch review of recruitment and wages etc.

I was asked to develop a site to help you find Car Boot sales in Ireland & the UK

The Idea is to allow the public or organizers the ability to simply add a listing with the option for a premium level with more features. is in a soft launch phase currently until testing is complete.

The Coach House – Ballymote, Sligo

The Coach House – Ballymote, Sligo

The Coach House – Ballymote, Sligo

Until I visit again, this place receives one star… Why? Well firstly, we could not get through on the phone and the email address bounces back…

Secondly, when we arrived the place had lights on but looked closed, I entered the ‘reception’ area, to an overwhelming smell of gloss… Nobody around so walked out. Will try again one day, but not in a hurry.

The Coach House – Ballymote, Sligo

Benny’s Deli -Castlerea, Roscommon

Benny’s Deli -Castlerea, Roscommon

A nice place to have a bite to eat, it’s been a long time since I was in and it has changed for the better. Service was good and relaxed (so don’t be in a hurry), food & coffee were tasty, and well-presented.

The cutlery and table were clean and the facilities were tidy. Access is a one-way system and the disabled access is to the rear of the building. Looking forward to returning for a bit of lunch next time.

Kilmovee Road Races – Finish Line Photos 2024

Kilmovee Road Races – Finish Line Photos 2024

The Kilmovee Road Races are an extremely popular event in Mayo, and the hospitality is just legendary…!

If you’ve not attended or think this is some kind of April Fools it is out of this world…

Just a sample above of what’s on offer post-race, I heard someone say on the day “It’s the only event in the country that you consume more calories after than burn during…”

Loads more photos on social media search #kilmovee10k

Kilmovee 10K – Finish Line 2024 Part 1

Kilmovee 10K – Finish Line 2024 Part 1

Record attendance for this year’s Kilmovee 10k – with over 700 registered and arriving into the small North Mayo village, to raise money for the Mayo Roscommon Hospice Foundation, to set PB’s or just to challenge themselves…

10k Results can be found here

5k Results can be found here

Well done to everyone young & less younger!

Check out more photos…

Kilmovee 10K 2024 – Photos Part 1

Kilmovee 10K 2024 – Photos Part 1

Out & about today with the Kilmovee10k in Mayo – an annual event for the past 14 years that has raised over €100,000 for the Mayo Roscommon Hospice Foundation

As the developer of the registration platform, I am proud of my association with this superb event.

With contenders from all over Ireland & from a little further a-field like competitor Orla Moffatt who only landed in the country from Australia yesterday and takes on the 10k today, well done Orla!

We’ll be bringing you hundreds of photos over the next few hours, please feel free to share

Ballaghaderreen St Patricks Day – 2024

Ballaghaderreen St Patricks Day – 2024

Another fabulous parade was put on for the folks of Ballaghaderreen!

Full of the diversity the town offers these days, from the Tennis Club to St Attractas, The Mens Shed to Classic Cars, vans and trucks.

A great crowd enjoyed the festivities in glorious sunshine

Thank You Elon Musk

Thank You Elon Musk

How many times have you said “Thank you” this past week?

If you’re like me, probably not as many times as you or I should have, but I’m going to put that right a little bit today, the chances that the person (& people) I want to thank will even see this though are tremendously slim I still want to say it!

A little background to this can be found here, but last week I took delivery of, installed & set up Starlink!

A year ago, the thought of Starlink was almost unthinkable, the availability & then the cost made it unviable, so what changed?

Availability & cost did… The need also, the lack of investment – no not the lack of investment as the NBI (National Broadband Ireland) is doing a great job, picking up the pieces where the commercial companies don’t care – in rural Ireland. So thank you too NBI, for your efforts.

When the likes of Three, Vodafone, Eir & others don’t care enough to cater to the whole of Ireland but care where they can make lots of cash, even putting in a clause in the contract where they can put up the price every year beyond the cost of inflation, that shows where their care is!

Step forward Elon Musk – Yes, he is a ‘Marmite’ kind of guy… but love or hate him, he has transformed the world and will continue to do so. He and his companies Starlink & Space X have changed my world, for the better by not only providing super-fast broadband where others couldn’t but instead of cranking up the price like those above, bringing it down to be a lot more affordable.

What makes Starlink different too satellite broadband?

Satellite broadband uses satellites to link you to the internet rather than a cable wheras standard broadband uses your phone, fibre, or cable connection to link you to the internet.

Satellite broadband uses a small satellite dish to broadcast your internet traffic into space to a satellite. From there it’s transmitted to a ground station and then onto the internet.

Starlink is a private company owned by Tesla, X, & Space X, owner Elon Musk. It uses low-orbit satellites all around the earth to provide internet access.

The system is called a ‘constellation’ and will eventually be a web of thousands of satellites providing fast, low-latency broadband access to anywhere on the planet.

What Speeds?

So here are a few screenshots from Eir our last provider before Starlink…

And Now With Starlink…

This is just one done as I write this, but speeds have been ranging from 80Mbs – 300Mbs (with 130-150Mbs being the average)

Am I happy? Absolutely! I encourage you if you’re struggling with broadband in rural Ireland (or anywhere in the world) for check out and if you need any help or assistance/advice drop me an email

So Thank you Elon, and your teams…